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  • 15 Jul 2022 8:51 AM | Anonymous

    May be an image of 7 people, people standing and indoor

    Joe Vargas nailing “Johnny be good” at the Axelborg Hall in Copenhagen Denmark at the ITRC2022 closing dinner.

    The 14th International Research Conference happens every 4 years. The International Turfgrass Research Society was started by Dr. James Beard. It’s a 5 day conference and Dr Beard was recognized and Joe Vargas was among those who said words of tribute and even shed some tears. Its the top world wide conference for Turfgrass scientists. MSU and the MTF were represented by Joe (Dr. Vargas), Dr. Nikolai, who gave two presentations and Nancy Dykema.

    Photos by Thomas Nikolai, Ph.D.

    May be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoor

    May be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoor

  • 06 Jul 2022 10:22 AM | Anonymous

    Recently, Michigan State University hosted the Dean Shippey Diamond Classic at McLane Stadium.  It gave us a chance to check in with Andy Flynn, Athletics Turf Manager for MSU and get an inside look at their operations. 

      Flynn and his team were preparing for upcoming MHSAA Girls State Soccer Finals as well as Baseball Semis and State Finals for all four divisions. It’s a lot of work that includes management of the entire facility during the events. In addition to the field maintenance, his crew takes care of all landscaping and the field equipment including the goals, nets, tarps, paint and clay work for each game.

    “The guys that I work with, they’re the ones that make it all happen. I’m super fortunate to have a great group of guys working here. Four have turfgrass degrees, (2) four year degrees, (2) two year degrees. All MSU grads. 4 full time guys, 2 turfgrass students and a couple part time employees.”

    Flynn took over as the Athletics Turf Manager two and a half years ago. After completing his Commercial Turf Degree in 2001 and Crop and Soil Science Degree in 2003, Flynn stayed at MSU, going to work at Forest Akers Golf Course.

    Two years later he transferred to the athletic fields and is now in charge of all the maintenance and upkeep of the MSU Varsity Athletic Fields. It includes (2) soccer fields, baseball and softball fields, the practice football complex and Spartan Stadium (15 acres of high maintenance/ high value turf) and the general grounds (rough), Landscaping and other common areas.

    The crew, at this point in the season, is a staff of 9 full and part time people. “Most of the turf students do internships somewhere in the summertime, we’re lucky enough to have some stick around. Spring and Fall we have more part time help because it's busier, and of course we have the turf students. We get them part time to help out with stuff. We are fortunate to have a turf program, just on the other side of campus.”

    When asked about some of the differences between golf turf maintenance vs athletic fields, Flynn noted that golf courses are more turf intensive. “Athletic field cutting is at higher heights. We have other variables to deal with like 350 pound guys tearing up the field. We spend a lot of time regenerating plants and pushing recovery.”

    “We love taking care of the fields, there's a lot that goes into it, and a lot of pride that comes out of it.”

    The team was able to open up the inside facility for batting practice during a heavy rain delay during the Diamond Classic.

    Flynn started his education at Central Michigan University. A book called “Careers in Sports” helped him discover the turf program at MSU.

  • 09 May 2022 11:45 AM | Anonymous

    Turfgrass professionals, are you hiring?

    The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation is now offering a new, jobs board resource for the turfgrass industry on our website, michiganturfgrass.org.  Industry partners will now be able to post job openings, include a logo and a link to their own website or social media listing.  

    Ads will run for two full months on michiganturfgrass.org (unless the position is filled) and can be renewed for as many months as needed.  Listings will also be shared via MTF social media outlets.  The cost will be $0.50 per word.  It will be offered to MTF Members at no charge.  

    June listings will be featured in our News Notes Summer Issue, set to be released June 1st, at no additional cost.  The deadline for submission to be featured is May 13th.

    To list on michiganturfgrass.org:  use the button link to send us an email with wording, external link and attached logo.

    Send Email

  • 06 May 2022 9:58 AM | Anonymous

    MSU Turf Team Recognized at GAM Awards Luncheon

    It had been three years since the Golf Association of Michigan was able to hold an in person Annual Meeting.  This year's event was held on Wednesday at Eagle Eye Golf Club in Bath, Michigan.  Members of the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation and the Michigan State University Turf Team were in attendance as the association recognized the team's contribution to golf in the state of Michigan.

    Dr. Kevin Frank presents the latest Turf Research projects ongoing at MSU and the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation's Tee Times 4 Turf auction.

    MTF Executive Director, Carey Mitchelson, presents the latest Michigan Turfgrass Foundation initiatives, including the Joe Vargas Chair in Turfgrass Pathology.

    Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences Professor and Chairperson, Dr. Brian Horgan, discusses the program and introduces members of the Turf Team.

    Dr. David Smitley accepts MSU Turf Team recognition. 

    Dr. Joe Vargas thanks the GAM for their impact on the game of golf in Michigan.

    Auction closes at 7pm Sunday!

    "If you keep inviting me, I will keep coming!"

    MSU Professor Dr. Thom Nikolai, MSU Golfer James Piot, MTF Executive Director Carey Mitchelson

    GAM Awards

    Mia Melendez - 15 & Under Girls Player of the Year
    Max VanderMolen - 15 & Under Boys Player of the Year
    Sophie Stevens - Girls Player of the Year
    PJ Maybank - Boys Player of the Year
    Terry Delcamp - Senior Women's Player of the Year
    Rick Herpich - Super Senior Player of the Year
    Jerry Gunthorpe - Senior Player of the Year
    Kimberly Dinh - Women's Player of the Year 
    James Piot - Men's Player of the Year 

    Ron Dahlin, The Meadows at GVSU - GAM Superintendent of Merit Award
    Phil Holmblade - Course Rater of the Year
    Erik Haneberg - James D. Standish Jr. Award - U of M
    Christian Jackson - James D. Standish Jr. Award - MSU
    LPGA USGA Girls Golf - MWGA - Champion of DE&I Award
    Glenn Pulice, Royal Oak Golf Center - Club Services Award
    Lee Juett, GAM President Emeritus - GAM Distinguished Service Award

  • 26 Jan 2022 8:47 AM | Anonymous



    Dear Legislative Members and Staff,

    Michigan State University has been a leader in the plant sciences since MSU’s founding in 1855 and has maintained a stronghold in agriculture research. The MSU Plant Science Greenhouse Complex and its controlled environment complexes have supplied space for AgBioResearch and Project GREEEN related research, met our needs regarding teaching, and generated knowledge to be shared with stakeholders, growers, and industry through MSU Extension. Greenhouses and growth chambers are reliable, modern, and energy-efficient facilities that are necessary to foster research and assist in solutions for global food security. However, the greenhouse complex does not currently provide the space or technology to remain competitive. The MSU greenhouse and controlled environment complexes are too outdated to provide unique simulated environments necessary to meet the demands of modern research. For example, these facilities are no longer adequate to perform the types of research that simulate the stresses plants currently face and will likely face in the future.

    Two-thirds of the greenhouses were built from 1955 to 1978 and lack modern, energy-efficient design. Moreover, the MSU greenhouses lack the climate-control systems that provide scientists with the precise conditions needed to perform targeted research trials. Updated greenhouses will help MSU scientists provide research to our industries and communities to prosper and thrive long into the future.

    Learn more about plant science greenhouse research here. Stories you will find there include:

    1.       Greenhouses are an invaluable resource for faculty and students, but to maintain MSU’s leadership in plant science, upgrades are critical.

    2.       MSU microbial ecologist Ashley Shade is seeking to learn more about how microbes positively affect plant health and adapt to environmental pressures.

    3.       Rebecca Grumet has dedicated her career to assisting specialty crop growers as an expert in reproductive development and disease resistance in cucurbit crops such as cucumbers, melons, squash, and watermelons.



    Kelly Millenbah, Interim Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

    Quentin Tyler, Director, MSU Extension

    George Smith, Director, AgBioResearch 

    Patrick Cudney, Director, Government and Stakeholder Relations




    MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources | canr.msu.edu

  • 13 Jan 2022 4:31 PM | Anonymous

    Michigan Turfgrass Foundation Awards

    Norman W. Kramer Outstanding Student Award
    Spencer Cole

    Kenyon T. Payne Outstanding Student Award
    David Parker

    Robert Hancock Award
    Payton Perkinson

    MTF Merit Scholars
    Dennis Sullivan
    Adam Nadeau
    Ryan Wiggins

    Michigan State University Awards

    Hal and Mark Vogler Scholarship
    Trevor Stahl
    Josh Olrich
    Jackson Severns
    Tuck and Becky Tate Scholarship
    David Parker
    Cole Luck
    Charles and Frances Osterman Scholarship
    Matthew Dishon
    Noah Wiles
    Logan Complo
    Jake Kilby
    James and Harriet Beard Outstanding Turfgrass Graduate Student Award
    Jackie Guevara

    State Association Awards

    Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association

    Turfgrass Scholarship
    Adam Nadeau
    Connor McBride
    Matthew DIshon
    Brendan Stuchell

    Michigan Sports Turf Managers Association
    Logan Complo
    Garrett Menko

    National Awards

    Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
    Chester Mendenhall Award

    Payton Perkinson
    GCSAA Scholarships
    Spencer Cole
    Brendan Stuchell

    Samuel I. Russell Foundation Awards
    Seth Jenkins
    Anthony Kiser

    Trans-Miss Golf Association Turfgrass Scholarships
    Spencer Cole
    Jack McCarthy

  • 17 Dec 2021 11:47 AM | Anonymous

    Tuesday January 4

    Golf Session (Black River Room)

    12:00 PM WinterTurf Research Update – Dr. Kevin Frank, MSU
    12:30 PM Turfgrass Physiology Research Update – Dr. Emily Merewitz, MSU
    1:00 PM Golf Course Architecture and the Golf Course Superintendent - Andy Johnson, The Fried Egg
    2:00 PM Poa365: A Deep Dive on the Most Interesting Weed in Turf – Dr. Jim Brosnan, University of Tennessee
    3:00 PM Pathology Research Update – Dr. Joe Vargas, MSU
    4:00 PM MTF Annual Meeting – Ojibway Room

    Lawns, Athletic Fields and Grounds Sessions (Swan Creek Room)

    12:00 PM Understanding NTEP: A Powerful Tool in Your Back Pocket – Jackie Guevara, MSU
    1:00 PM Pricing and Developing Effective Home Lawn Programs – Ryan Bearss, MSU
    2:00 PM Turfgrass Nutrient Management – Dr. Kevin Frank, MSU
    3:00 PM Truck Hitches and Spray Equipment: Understanding the System – Dr. Fred Whitford, Purdue University

    Equipment Technicians (Anishnabeg Room)

    12:00 PM Introductions
    12:30 PM How Golf Course Renovations Effect the EM – Ben Beard, Seth Sheldon, Victor Anderson
    3:00 PM Different types of Fuel Systems – Ben Beard

    Wednesday January 5

    Golf Session (Black River Room)

    8:00 AM Golf Course Native Grass Management – Gerald Husemann
    9:00 AM Golf Course Architecture’s Impact on Turfgrass Maintenance – Andy Johnson, The Fried Egg
    10:00 AM Non-Chemical Water Conditioners – Dr. Bernd Leinauer, New Mexico State University
    11:00 AM Effects of Different Soil Testing Philosophies on Creeping Bentgrass and Annual Bluegrass Putting Greens – Jackie Guevara, MSU
    11:15 AM USGA Golf Ball Reaction Study – Dr. Thomas Green, MSU
    11:30 PM Research Update – Dr. Trey Rogers

    LUNCH - Saginaw & Swan Creek Room

    1:00 PM Natural Capital Value of Golf Courses – Dr. Brian Horgan, MSU
    2:00 PM MDARD Updates: Staffing Changes, Certification & Renewal, METRO Institute Testing – Mike Stoliecki, MDARD
    3:00 PM Sod Farms: Tournament Ready 24/7 – Diane and Greg Mischel

    Equipment Technicians (Anishnabeg Room)

    8:00 AM Shop Renovations on a Budget – Hector Velazquez
    10:00 AM Tier 4 and The different types of Regeneration – John Garlets, Spartan Distributors

    LUNCH Saginaw & Swan Creek Room

    1:00 PM Keeping your Cutting Edge – Mike Rollins, SIP Grinders
    3:00 PM Round Table

    Lawns and Grounds (Ojibway Room)

    8:00 AM New Herbicides for Cool-Season Turfgrass – Dr. Jim Brosnan, University of Tennessee
    9:00 AM What We Can Learn From Truck Accidents – Dr. Fred Whitford, Purdue University
    10:00 AM Diseases of Home Lawns and Sports Turf – Nancy Dykema, MSU
    11:00 AM IPM of Kentucky Bluegrass Turf - Dr. Joe Vargas, MSU

    LUNCH Saginaw & Swan Creek Room

    1:00 PM Irrigation Water Quality and Understanding a Water Quality Test Report –Dr. Bernd Leinauer, New Mexico State University
    2:00 PM Why do Some Applications Fail? –Dr. Paul Giordano, Harrells
    3:00 PM What’s Happening in the Seed Industry –Dr. Wayne Horman, Landmark Seed

    Athletic Fields (Fox Room 2nd floor)

    8:00 AM Plant Growth Regulators for Sports Fields: What, Where, Why, and When – Aaron Hathaway, NuFarm
    9:00 AM Athletic Field Diagnostics – Pam Sherratt, The Ohio State University
    11:00 AM What’s Happening in the Seed Industry –Dr. Wayne Horman, Landmark

    LUNCH Saginaw & Swan Creek Room

    1:00 PM 2 Seasons, 1 Field – Kelly Rensel, Buffalo Bisons
    2:00 PM Playing Surface Management Tips and Tricks – Pam Sherratt, The Ohio State University
    3:00 PM FIFA Wold Cup 2026 Research Update – Dr. Trey Rogers, MSU
    3:30 PM What’s in Your Infield Dirt and Why? – Ron Martin, Mar-Co Clay Products, Inc.

    Thursday January 6

    Golf Session (Black River Room)

    8:00 AM On budget, on time, least disruption tee renovation –John and Lewis Nowakowski, Port Huron Golf Club
    8:30 AM A Tale of Two Stations: Pump Station Upgrades at Treetops Resort – Tim Matty, Treetops
    9:00 AM Using Data to Guide MaintenanceDecisions – Zach Nicoludis, USGA Green Section
    10:00 AM Building a Better Fungicide Program – Dr. Paul Giordano, Harrells
    11:00 AM Research Update – Dr. Thom Nikolai
    12:00 PM ADJOURN

    Lawns and Grounds (Ojibway Room)

    8:00 AM Turfgrass Weed Management Update – Dr. Thom Nikolai, MSU
    10:00 AM Professional Lawn Care and Landscape Pest Management in Michigan in 2022 – Dr. David Smitley, MSU
    11:00 AM 2021 Year in Review – Dr. Kevin Frank, MSU
    12:00 PM ADJOURN


  • 10 Dec 2021 10:21 AM | Anonymous

    Dr. Fred Whitford

    Clinical Engagement Professor, Botany and Plant Pathology and Director of Purdue Pesticide Programs

    Frederick “Fred” Whitford, Clinical Engagement Professor, Botany and Plant Pathology and Director of Purdue Pesticide Programs. Fred received his bachelor’s degree in wildlife management from Louisiana Tech. He received his master’s and doctorate degrees in entomology from lowa State University. He has served as the Coordinator of the Purdue Pesticide Program since 1991. He has authored more than 300 publications and become a popular speaker with more than 5,000 presentations given throughout Indiana and the United States.


    Truck Hitches and Spray Equipment: Understanding the System What We Can Learn From Truck Accidents


  • 07 Dec 2021 11:07 AM | Anonymous

    Speaker Spotlight:

    Pam Sherratt
    Turfgrass specialist and lecturer in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science at The Ohio State University

    Pam Sherratt is a turfgrass specialist and lecturer in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science at The Ohio State University. Pam received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Lancashire in England and her master’s degree from The Ohio State University. Pam devises and implements the Buckeye Sports Turf Program and disseminates sports turf research to the industry. She is currently writing an online class for groundskeepers & athletic field managers and manages a website with 2800 subscribers. Pam makes 25-30 in-state visits to athletic fields each year, manages the annual sports turf short course, produces an annual sports turf calendar, speaks at several instate workshops and seminars, serves on several industry boards (in and out of state), and writes Extension/Outreach grants. Her research focuses on athletic field stability and reinforcement, sand selection for athletic fields, cool season grass traits; wear tolerance, establishment speed, overseeding options, rhizomatous tall fescues & other newer grass varieties.

    Athletic Field Diagnostics Playing Surface Management Tips and Tricks

    Conference Registration

  • 02 Nov 2021 11:51 AM | Anonymous

    Publications from the Michigan State University Turf and Landscape Extension, the USGA Green Section, and the Michigan State University Turf Team have been recently released.  The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation is proud to share recent news and support these exceptional turf related programs at Michigan State University and turf related organizations throughout our industry. 

    Find out more about the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation by visiting our website or connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter.

    Michigan Turfgrass Foundation

    MTF Announces New Venue for 2022 Turfgrass Conference

    The conference will be held at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort January 4-6, 2022.

    The MTF and MSU are planning on delivering a very informative and rewarding education package offering CEU's from MDARD as well as the GCSAA. There will be three days of education and our goal is to increase awareness, education, and interest in the Turfgrass Industry while at the same time supporting our world renown MSU Turfgrass Program and its Professors who play such an integral role in informing, improving, and sustaining the Turfgrass Professional's knowledge, skills and career.

    Follow the link for more information on the Conference, the Vendor Halftime Show, Conference Sponsorship Opportunities and the Dr. Paul Rieke Graduate Assistantship Silent Auction.

    Read More

    MSU Turf Team

    MSU Turf School - December 13 - 16, 2021

    The MSU Turf School is 4-day short course designed to teach the basics of turfgrass science as well as the practical techniques of managing turfgrass. The school will be "team taught" by MSU turfgrass faculty and staff. The curriculum is designed to deliver a wide range of turfgrass management topics including basic soils and soil management, turfgrass species identification, selection and physiology, turf establishment and renovation, fertilization, proper pesticide use, and environmental stewardship.

    This year's school will be held Dec. 13-16, 2021 at the Graduate Hotel in downtown East Lansing.

    Read More

    MSU Turf & Landscape Digest

    Fall armyworm damage on putting greens

    David Smitley, Michigan State University, Department of Entomology, and Kevin Frank, Michigan State University, Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences - October 21, 2021

    While rating plots at the Michigan State University Hancock Turfgrass Research Center in East Lansing, Michigan, on Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021, I (Kevin Frank) happened to notice a large amount of what appeared to be ball mark type damage on a putting green.

    Read More

    Michigan pesticide applicator review sessions, recertifications credits and testing options for fall 2021

    Jeremy Jubenville, Michigan State University Extension - October 20, 2021

    In Michigan, autumn is a time when the commercial agricultural community starts to think about pesticide applicator certifications. For some, it may be because the new production season is approaching and they would like to make sure everything is in place before it begins. For others, it's because applicator certification credentials expire on Dec. 31 every third year.

    Read More

    USGA Green Section Record

    Discussing 2021 Course Care Issues With USGA Agronomists

    USGA Agronomists Zach Nicoludis (pictured), Jordan Booth, John Daniels and Paul Jacobs discussed course care issues they've seen out in the field this year.  

    Listen to Podcast

    To Treat or Not to Treat?

    By John Daniels, agronomist, Northeast Region

    White grub damage has been showing up over the past several weeks in many areas of the Northeast. I wouldn’t be surprised to find grub activity in areas that were treated earlier in the year with a preventative insecticide because above-average precipitation like we experienced this summer can favor beetle activity and lessen insecticide performance.

    Read More

    Don't Spend Money Without a Plan

    With many facilities seeing an increase in revenue due to more rounds being played, USGA agronomists are hearing an uptick in discussions about where investments can be made to improve golf courses. While this is good news, a desire to invest in golf course improvements also requires some caution to make sure that money is spent wisely. To get the most benefit from course improvement projects, it’s important to have an overall master plan to prioritize and guide investments.

    Read More







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