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Hancock Center Updates 2023

25 Nov 2023 1:09 PM | Anonymous

May 2023 - "Growing cool-season sod on plastic in Mexico City!"

May 2023 - Our new 7,500 ft2 site for sod on plastic production. Laser graded by Homefield field construction, topped with duraedge"

May 2023 - "The Spartans visit the famed, Estadio Azteca on their way to establish sod on plastic--Mexico City"

June 2023 - "Ryan Bearss PhD project comparing the rooting capabilities and strength of four sod production systems. Conventionally grown sod, sod on plastic, conventionally grown sod left on plastic (1-month), sod on plastic rooted for 1-month, root-sheared and transplanted"

June 2023 - "Dr. Trey Rogers and Graduate students Jake Kilby and Jackie Guevara in attendance and Dr. Rogers talks with Michigan Bentgrass sod farmer Kent Falgner"

June 2023 - "New sod on plastic production site topdressed and ready to go... Jackie Guevaras PhD project evaluating various prg:kbg seeding ratios and seeding rates"

June 2023 - "Perennial ryegrass sod? This sod was grown over plastic and at time of image, is 6-months old"

June 2023 - "Sod on plastic grown on an asphalt surface can be difficult to harvest. Here, I am using a CONCRETE SAW to separate and harvest treatments"

June 2023 - "Jackie Guevara and honorary lab member, Lane Suplito (my fiancee) pull a germination blanket over Jackies phd work."

July 2023 - "All the way from Rotterdam, the SiSgrass 'Revolution' stitching machine arrives at MSU. Would ultimately stitch 2,000 ft for research and evaluation"

July 2023 - "Sisgrass stitched grass"

July 2023 - "Another angle of stitched grass from the side. This picture is interesting because it is one of the first times the sis stictch machine stitched 50-60 mm (typically 15-20 cm)"

July 2023 - "Jake Kilby and Jackie Guevara use sod rakes to cut and move Jake's sod for his graduate research experiment"

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