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What is the Founders Society? 
The Founders Society is an endowment established with 100 Charter members donating $1,000.00 each. The donations are used to purchase specialized research and support equipment for the turf program at MSU.

Support has resulted in purchases such as Cabinets, Rolling Machine, Ohaus Balances, Fork Lift, Pallet Racks, supplies and materials for the Conference Room at the Hancock Research Facility, materials for the Sloping Green Project, including Tektronix Cable Tester, Data Loggers, Tipping Buckets, Modems, Software and Interface equipment. 

New donations to this fund will provide funding to install additional lysimeters at the Hancock Center to expand research on nutrient fate and water movement – key research validation to better position the turfgrass industry for the continuing statewide debate on water policy and nutrient management. Funding is also needed to update the Hancock Center, including new office equipment and a heating system for the Fuller Building.

These are just some of the important research and support items that will be purchased with increased donations to the Founders Society. To achieve our goal, Turfgrass 2010 will need to add $150,000 to the Founders Society principal.

Funds Overview & Guidelines

What are the objectives of this fund? 
The Founders Society is a group of people past and present, who want to see the Hancock Turfgrass Research Center equipped with the necessary equipment for research. 

How is this account funded?
Originally, one hundred members of the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation donated $1,000 each to the Founders Society with the understanding the principle would never be spent. At this time all MTF members wishing to join the Founders Society are welcome. Levels of support start at $250 (Bronze), $500 (Silver), $750 (Gold), $1,000 (Emerald), $2,500 (Diamond) and $5,000 (Double Diamond).

Is this donation tax deductable?
The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation accepts gifts and pledges via cash, check or credit card for the Annual Fund or any of the three endowed funds. The MTF can also accept planned or immediate gifts from estates, insurance, real estate, stocks, bonds and other negotiable securities for any fund. The MTF can also work with donors through the MSU Foundation to set up a variety of trusts. The MTF is a 501c3 non-profit foundation. Donations to the MTF are tax deductible (check with your accountant financial planner) and donors receive full gift credit from Michigan State University for any donation to the MTF.

How much is needed in this fund?
The principal amount should increase each year as a result of continued increases in membership in the Founders Society and directed donations.

What is done with the interest earned from this account?
The interest generated from this fund is available to purchase equipment used at the HTRC for turfgrass research. A standing Founder Society Committee meets at least annually and reports to the MTF Board of Directors. The committee shall work to raise the necessary funds to the build the principal of the fund and to call for proposals for funding equipment needs at the HTRC.

What are the levels of the Founders Society?
Bronze- $250

Silver- $500

Gold- $750

Emerald- $1,000

Diamond- $2,500

Double Diamond- $5,000

How can I lend my support?
Become a Founders Society member today.

Michigan Turfgrass Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. P.O. Box 27156, Lansing, MI 48909

The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation exists to promote safe, healthy turf surfaces for all Michigan residents.

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