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The Norman W. Kramer Scholar Award 



Congratulations to Zac Kelly 

2024 Norman W. Kramer Scholar Awardee

Norman Kramer was the Golf Course Superintendent of Point O' Woods Country Club in Benton Harbor , Michigan from 1959 to 1971. Prior to this he was Vice President of the Midwest Association of Golf Course Superintendents. In Michigan he served as Director, Vice President and President of the Western Michigan GCSA and Michigan GCSA. He was also a Past President of the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation at Purdue University . At the time of his death, he was serving as a Director of the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation. Mr. Kramer was active in promoting the scholarship programs at Michigan State University and believed strongly in the youth of America . This award is dedicated to the memory of Norm Kramer. 

  • Number of Awards Annually: One
  • Amount of Award: 3,000.00
  • Basis for Award: Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher
  • Minimum 42 credits completed
  • Active service in Turfgrass Programs at MSU
  • Program Eligibility: All Programs
  • Applicant is requested to be Student member of MTF
  • When Awarded: At annual award ceremony
  • Electronic Scholarship Application below:

Electronic Scholarship Application

Norman Kramer Award Recipient History

1972 Christopher Fochtman
1973 Roger Southworth
1974 Douglas Quiram
1975 Martin Miller
1976 James Rickly
1977 Robert Nulph Jr.
1978 James Lass
1979 Gary Carls
1980 Michael Newell
1981 Gary Pulsipher
         Michael Schaefer
1982 Gary Thommes
1983 Michael Kositzke
         Kurt Galisdorfer
1984 James Champion

1985 Terry Hogan

1986 Jeremy Slessor
1987 Eric Kleinsorge

1988 Michael Ver Hage
1989 Christopher Smith
1990 John MacLeod
1991 N/A
1992 Russell Horsch
1993 Karen O'Dell
1994 Terry Poley
1995 Marc McMullen 
1996 Trevor Monreal
1997 Bryan Boynton
1998 Kirk Carls
1999 Clifford Moore
2000 G. Andrew Morris
2001 Greg Matz

2002 Curtis Johnson

2003 James Bradley Boyd
2004 Greg VanWeelde
2005 Michael McClafferty 

2006 Colin Young
2007 Tyler Wenger 
2008 Jared Milner
2009 Joshua Fuhrman
2010 Scott Rettmann
2011 Thomas Green
2012 Clinton Steketee
2013 Joshua Alleman
2014 John Parvin
2015 Shawn Haverdink
2016 Brett Zander
2017 Ryan Kaczor
2018 Elena Cadenas Rivas

2019 Not Awarded

2020 Michael Rabe

2021 Payton Perkinson

2022 Spencer Cole

2023 Matt Dishon 
2024 Zac Kelly

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