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TURF TEAM UPDATE From: Dr. Thom Nikolai

17 Feb 2023 11:27 AM | Anonymous

1.Eric Galbraith, research technician for Dr. Nikolai and Dr. Frank, applies Poa annua seed head control treatments on Poa annua/creeping bentgrass research greens at the HTRC on February 12, 2023.  The study is funded by the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation and results will be posted in the spring. Initial seed head control treatments were applied November 28, 2021.

2.. Leaf-mulching studies at MSU changed the way the United States of America disposes of leaf-litter each fall.  In the fall of 2022 two new MTF Funded Leaf-mulching studies were initiated and a 3rd leaf mulching study entered year two.  In the image above:   20 pounds of leaf-litter were mulched into plots that covered 35 square feet.  Area to the left of the marking is the control plot.  On the right is the mulched area of the plot.

MTF Research Summary

Thomas A Nikolai PhD, Eric J. Galbraith, Mike Rabe

Michigan State University

February 2023

For a review of additional research by Dr. Nikolai click link:

Link to MTF Research Summary: https://michiganturfgrassfoundation.wildapricot.org/resources/Turf%20Updates/2023%20MTF%20Research%20Summary%20-%20Nikolai%20(002).pdf

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