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  • 2019 Michigan Turfgrass Conference

2019 Michigan Turfgrass Conference

  • 22 Jan 2019
  • 9:00 AM
  • 24 Jan 2019
  • 4:00 PM
  • MSU Kellogg Center


  • Full conference registration includes three days of educational programming and the vendor half-time show on Wednesday afternoon.
  • One day conference registration for educational sessions on Tuesday, Jan. 3
  • One day conference registration for educational sessions and the vendor half-time show on Wednesday, Jan. 4
  • One day conference registration for educational sessions on Thursday, Jan. 5
  • Program at the Hancock Turf Research Center - lunch included in registration.
  • Program at the Hancock Turf Research Center - lunch included with registration.
  • Program at the Hancock Turf Research Center - lunch included with registration.

Credit Information:

MDARD Pesticide Recertification Credits

Tuesday, Jan. 22: 4 credits (3A, 3B, 6, Comm. Core)

Wednesday, Jan. 23: 7 credits (3A, 3B, 6, Comm. Core)

Thursday, Jan. 24: 6 credits (3A, 3B, 6, Comm. Core)

GCSAA  Education Pts.

Tuesday, Jan. 22: 0.60 pts.

Wednesday, Jan. 23: 0.60 pts.

Thursday, Jan. 24: 0.65 pts. 

Education Program

Tuesday, Jan 22     

Golf (Big Ten A)

9:00 AM          Creating and Leading a High Octane, High Productivity, "On a Mission from God" High Performance Team - Greg Patterson, Founder and President, Tribal Magic                                          

10:45 AM       Turfgrass Pathology Research Update - Dr. Joe Vargas, Jr.

11:30 AM       Putting Green Management Research Update - Dr. Trey Rogers                                         

12:00 Lunch                                                 

1:30 PM         The Big Time-Long Time Staff Happy Toolbox - Gregg Patterson, Founder and President, Tribal Magic

2:30 PM         Implementing the Smith-Kerns Dollar Spot Model at your facility - Dr. Paul Koch, Univ. Wisconsin      

3:30 PM         Michigan Pesticide Regulatory Update - Molly Mott, Pesticide Enforcement Specialist, MDARD                                   

Lawns, Athletic Fields, and Grounds (Lincoln)            

10:45 AM       Weed Control Update - Aaron Hathaway, Msu

1:30 PM         What We've Learned from Stadium Turf Establishment Projects - Dr. Trey Rogers, MSU           

2:30 PM      2018 Year in Review and Tips for Improving Turf in 2019 - Dr. Kevin Frank, MSU                                                   

3:30 PM         Turf Insects in Michigan Lawns - David Smitley, MSU

4:30 PM         Annual Meetings MiGCSA, MTF, MiSTMA 

Equipment Technicians Session (Hancock Turf Research Center)

8:00 AM Registration

8:30-10:30 AM Schaffer oil and lubricants, grease and fuel additives

10:45 AM Jacobsen 

12:00  Lunch

1:00 PM   John Deere JW Turf - Bill Stone  

3:00 PM Adjourn                                    

Wednesday, Jan. 23 

Golf (Big Ten A morning; Auditorium afternoon)                             

8:00 AM          Grad Student Research Presentations - Ryan Bearss, Thomas Green, Anna Stouffer-Hopkins, and Mick Piombino

9:00 AM          Turfgrass Nutrition, Nutrient Fate, and Cultivar Evaluation Research Update - Dr. Kevin Frank, MSU

9:30 AM          Physiology Research Update - Dr. Emily Merewitz, MSU

10:00 AM       Snow Mold Control: What works and why the heck didn't it work at my place - Dr. Paul Koch, Univ. Wisconsin

11:00 AM Lunch

12:30 PM       Golf as Natural Capital - Dr. Brian Horgan, Univ. Minnesota

1:30 PM         The Story of Erin Hills - Mike Hurdzan, Hurdzan Golf

2:30 PM         Growing Turf in Low Light, Shaded Environments - Dr. Aaron Patton 

3:30 PM Scholarship Awards

4:00 PM Vendor Half-Time Show

Lawns, Athletic Fields, and Grounds (Lincoln)

8:00 AM          CSI Turfgrass: Identification and management of the most common lawn/sports diseases, insects, and abiotic problems - Dr. Paul Koch, Univ. Wisconsin    

9:00 AM          Sustainable Turfgrass Systems - Dr. Brian Horgan, Univ. Minnesota         


10:00 AM       MSU Weed Diagnostics - Erin Hill, MSU Diagnostic Services           


11:00 Lunch

12:30 PM       How you can make your herbicides work better - Dr. Aaron Patton, Purdue University    

1:30 PM         Identifying Diseases in Lawns and Sports Turf - Nancy Dykema, MSU       


2:30 PM         Biting Stinging Insects - Howard Russell, MSU Diagnostic Services          

3:30 PM         Scholarship Awards (Auditorium)

4:00 PM         Vendor Half-Time Show                             

Asst. Golf Course Superintendents (103 AB)

12:30 PM       Tall fescue: Niche grass or game changer? - Bob Vavrek, USGA

1:30 PM         Transitioning from Asst. to Superintendent - Mike Montney, Western Golf and CC and Brian Hilfinger, Edgewood CC

2:00 PM         South 9 renovation at Cascade Hills CC - Orville Davis, Cascade Hills CC

2:30 PM         GCSAA Assistant Certification and EXCEL Leadership Programs - Steve Randall, GCSAA

3:30 PM Adjourn                          

Equipment Technicians Session (Hancock Turf Research Center)

8:00 AM Registration

8:30 AM Reel Science presented by Foley United

10:45 AM EZGO Fuel Injection and Lithium Technology

12:00  Lunch

1:00 PM Toro, Spartan Distributors - John Garlets and Tom Burke

3:00 PM Hydraulics

4:00 PM Adjourn

Thursday, Jan. 24 

Golf (Big Ten C)     

8:00 AM          Understanding PGR Application Timings - Aaron Hathaway, MSU

8:30 AM          50th Anniversary of the O.J. Noer Turf Collection at MSU - Pete Cookingham, MSU Libraries

9:00 AM          USGA Regional Update - Bob Vavrek, USGA

10:00 AM       Golf and the Law - Mike Hurdzan, Hurdzan Golf

11:00 AM       Golf Course Research Update - Dr. Thom Nikolai

12:00 PM       Lunch

1:30 PM         Railside Golf Club Master Plan Renovation - Jeff Smith, Railside Golf Club

2:00 PM         Speaker TBD

2:30 PM         Restoration at Inverness Club - Ryan Kaczor, Inverness Club

3:00 PM         Benefits of Forward Tees on Golf Courses - Chris Wilczynski, CW Golf Architecture

3:30 PM         The First Green and GCSAA Programs Update - John Fulling, Kalamazoo CC    

4:30 PM Adjourn                        

Lawns, Grounds, and Athletic Fields Joint Session (Big Ten B)

 8:00 AM          Calibrating Sprayers and Spreaders on New Ride On Sprayers/Spreaders - Dr. Aaron Patton, Purdue University

Lawns and Grounds (104 AB)

10:00 AM       Don't Let This Happen to You - Dr. Ben Hamza, TruGreen  

11:00 AM       Abiotic Plant Problems and Solutions - Dr. Bob Schutzki, MSU

12:00 PM       Lunch

1:30 PM         Lawncare success and failures - Dr. Thom Nikolai, MSU

2:30 PM         Trees and Turf: Can't We All Just Get Along - Dr. Berg Cregg, MSU

3:30 PM         Ornamental and Landscape Disease Diagnostics - Dr. Jan Byrne, MSU

4:30 PM Adjourn

Athletic Fields (103 AB)

10:00 AM       Soil Drainage and the Sand Cap-Build Up System - Dr. Jim Crum, MSU

11:00 AM       Field of the Year Presentation - MiSTMA

12:00 PM       Lunch

1:30 PM         Diagnosing Athletic Field Problems - Dr. Ben Hamza, TruGreen

2:30 PM         Turf Nutrition and Fertilizer Programs for Athletic Fields - Dr. Kevin Frank, MSU

3:30 PM         Robotic painting techniques for athletic fields - Josh Dukes, Turf Tank Intelligent Marking    

4:30 PM Adjourn                             

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