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"How do I move my current membership bundle to a lower participant number?"

Moving to a smaller bundle is a two-step process. First, you must "archive" the members you want to remove so the participant number in your bundle matches the bundle you wish to move to.

From your Profile, select the member to archive by clicking on their name and click the archive button. The archived member will then appear with a line through their name. At this point, the member is no longer counted in your bundle. They archived member will still receive Foundation communications.

"How do I remove an employee that is no longer part of my organization?"

If you are aware of an employment change affecting a member of your bundle please send a note to the MTF office with the MTF link. Someone at the MTF office will move that person to a new account.

"I no longer need a bundle membership. I'd like to move to an individual membership. What's the process?" 

Changing from a bundle administrator to an individual membership requires some work by the MTF membership admin. To make this change email Jennifer at miturfgrass@gmail.com or call at 517-392-5003.

"Where did the Affiliate Membership level go?"

The Affiliate membership category is reserved for members who are registered as part of a bundle group. Individuals that were previously associated with a group membership or who are looking to renew as an individual should use the Individual Membership category. For any assistance email Jennifer at miturfgrass@gmail.com or call at 517-392-5003.

"I'm a little lost with the new membership options. Is there someone that can help?"

For any assistance email Jennifer at miturfgrass@gmail.com or call at 517-392-5003.

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